As two giants within UK gaming, bookmaking and gambling- both Ladbrokes and William Hill offer an online service for customers looking to take their business off the high street and onto the world wide web.

As you can imagine, each site is extremely efficient in their own capacity. Both offering more or less the same thing, the aspects which differ between the two are likely to already be familiar with existing patrons of either company. Slightly different approaches in the bonus schemes offered (all of which I can assure you are highly competitive) just about sums it up, really.

Of course, as two highly standing British companies, each site is fully accredited and both look, feel and operate to an extraordinarily high standard. The cash in/out systems of both are very cooperative and make that unexpected win all the more sweet, with minimal commission and an extremely fast delivery time.

The one thing we’d hold against each site equally however, is their apparent inability to break new ground. While the whole ‘if it ain’t broke…’ ethos may come into mind, we surely must address each companies lack of adventure when making the transition to the online community.

While sites such as Crazy Vegas Casino offer something completely new and fresh (if not a tad wacky), both and seem a little stagnant- but maybe we are only saying that as we are more of poker men than a ‘Chelsea vs. Fulham’ kind of guys.

Guessing all of this just goes to show how much personal taste really does dictate things in our business.