Bookie derives from the word, book maker, which describes a person who invites cash bets on a certain sport based on a particular prediction and then pays out according to the outcome of the prediction. Being a Bookie requires a certain degree of skills and expertise to be able to predict and invite cash bets on a particular outcome.

Bookies are commonly present in highly popular sports like: baseball, basketball, American football, horse racing and auto racing, which attract large crowds.

Being a Bookie does, in some instances, carry a negative stigma, as the profession is considered illegal in most of the countries. In countries where bookmaking is illegal the bookies tend to operate from hideouts which are not easily accessible by the public, and the police etc. However, in countries where betting is a legal profession, bookies gather at every nook and corner in order to persuade as many people as they can to place bets,  and in turn increase their profit margin . The use of the internet has added another dimension to the work of a bookie, and they also exploit this medium to leverage their betting potential.