Do you want to be a bookie?  Learn how to become a successful one.

To be successful in this particular industry, you have to, first and foremost – know which road to take. Would you prefer to go local or do you want to hit it big time with the use of the internet? As in every endeavor, planning is important if you wish to stay on course in your chosen career. When deciding, you have to take into consideration your resources and know the rules of the game.  This will give you an even playing field with all the other bookies.

A bookie that is just starting out will face the challenge of finding the right customer and getting them to stick it out with you till the end of the game.  This requires living the life of a bettor.  It means hanging out in bars, clubs, restaurants and other places frequented by bettors and sports enthusiasts.  Friendly conversations with them will open the door to acquiring potential customers. To keep customers loyal, it is important to establish good credibility, this will pave the way to acquiring even more customers.

Competition between bookies is stiff.  However, establishing a partnership with other bookies will help you expand your customer base.  Furthermore, an experienced bookie can give you insight and advices on how progress in this field.

Success comes to people who love what they do but in essence, being a bookie does not simply mean making a lot of money.  It is the joy of doing the job and the satisfaction of customers that matters most.